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Consulting Services

CBCS can provide a full range of management consulting services or serve as a resource to assist your internal staff in completing various projects. 

Strategic Planning
Perform an analysis of your organization's current position, and the factors that may affect it in the future.  This service will allow your organization to better position itself for the future, by assisting the organization set objectives and action plans to accomplish them.

Human Resource Management
Develop an internal structure with job descriptions, career paths, responsibility grades, salary ranges, and performance evaluation training. This structure will improve customer service, marketing and reporting relationships to enhance the organization's ability to attain its strategic objectives.

Incentive Compensation
This service will enhance your organization's ability to meet or exceed its objectives by providing incentives and awards to those individuals who achieve the desired levels of performance.

Process Reengineering
Recommend a structure which will align your organization's framework, people, and processes with future growth and profitability objectives. Organization structure and procedure recommendations will focus on the appropriate mixture of productivity, profitability, quality control and customer service.

Affirmative Action Plan
We can provide affirmative action planning and establish the necessary tracking programs to comply with the regulations.



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